Episode 21

Everything there is to know about boarding at All Hallows School

Published on: 17th January, 2023

#021 - Welcome to the All Hallows School Podcast, the place where we talk to staff, parents, and pupils to find out more about life at the school. Today we’re finding out everything there is to know about boarding at school.

We’re joined by four people in this episode; James Eales is the Head of Boarding, he’s joined by Vicki Eales, she works alongside James as a house parent (she’s also James’ wife), we hear from Xanthe who’s a gap student working in boarding and we have Frankie, an assistant boarding parent.

So we find out what boarding life actually looks like, whether it’s still relevant in 2022 and 2023, what happens at the weekend and we talk about the admissions process too.

That’s all coming up in the next 20ish minutes so come with me now as we speak to James, Vicki, Xanthe and Frankie.

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Welcome to our All Hallows School Podcast, the place to find out more about our school and where we'll be speaking to staff, pupils and parents so that together we're all connected. If you have any questions please contact the school through the main website.