Episode 18

The Admissions Process with Registrar, Jackie Truelove

Published on: 20th May, 2022

#018 - Welcome to the All Hallows School Podcast, the place where we talk to staff, parents, and pupils to find out more about life at the school. In this episode talking to Jackie Truelove, Registrar at the school.

Now Jackie’s journey into working at the school began a whole 18 years ago when her two boys joined the school way back then. Now she’s working at the school so she’s able to share her opinion from two points of view.

This all means we get to find out what the Registrar actually does, what the admissions process is and what some of the main things parents say when they’re being shown around a school.

So come with us now as our host, Simon, discusses the admissions process at school with Jackie Truelove.

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Welcome to our All Hallows School Podcast, the place to find out more about our school and where we'll be speaking to staff, pupils and parents so that together we're all connected. If you have any questions please contact the school through the main website.