Episode 19

The New School Year with Dr Trevor Richards

Published on: 7th September, 2022

#019 - Welcome to the All Hallows School Podcast, the place where we talk to staff, parents, and pupils to find out more about life at the school. We’re at the start of a new academic year so in this episode you’ll find me talking to Head, Dr Trevor Richards.

In this episode, we find out what we should expect over the next 12 months, what things might change, what things might stay the same, how the collaboration is going with Monkton Combe, and what Dr Richards' vision is for the future.

We also get to find out what Dr Richards did over the summer holidays. Did he stay in his office for the whole summer break or did he manage to get some time away to recharge batteries for the next academic year...

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Come with me to find out as we speak to Headmaster, Dr Trevor Richards.

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Welcome to our All Hallows School Podcast, the place to find out more about our school and where we'll be speaking to staff, pupils and parents so that together we're all connected. If you have any questions please contact the school through the main website.